• Shrimp Fried Rice
  • Dumplings Served
  • Twice Cooked Pork Belly


A group of 4 Friends who love Chinese food and culture traveled to China for our root experience few years ago, we all fell in love with this amazing dish as our first bite, as we travel around the country, we profoundly experienced Dim Sum for everyday breakfast and lunch, all different kind of seafood from region to region, the Peking duck, and the BBQ Skewer at the mid-night market but Chili Crab is always the must have which no matter where you travel in China...

As we came back to US...

...We decided to open a restaurant to in here we called home. We kept searching for a place can fit our concept, until one day we drove by Boca, we found this little spot at the corner of Glade and Dixie, we decide to set our dream here to introduce our great experience memory and the amazing authentic taste and flavor.

As we are looking for the place, we are gathering all the recipe and ingredients from China, many of them is from the original Chef who created that. During the past few years, we travel back to learn from the great chef in different city to make sure we got the best.

Now we are thrilled to announce our first baby is born in Boca Raton. The one and only Chili Crab, the great Dim Sum, the best Peking duck, the charcoal grill skewer set and ready to entertain the pickiest palate. Come in and join us for the best experience of China.